Adam HodgesExploring the beauty of the world through photography and human-powered adventures.

In my mind, life is about identifying what buoys your spirit and keeping those things present as you prioritize your pursuits. For me, those things involve being outside and maximizing time in the mountains where I love to explore trails, climb peaks or simply breathe in and breathe out.

I believe photography can expand the way we understand ourselves and our world. That is what motivates me to document life through my camera as I explore landscapes, cultures and human athletic potential.

My photographic interests include sports photojournalism, as well as landscape and travel photography—interests that stem from my own athletic background, love for the mountains and academic studies. I enjoy projects that allow me to spend time outdoors, whether covering endurance sporting events (triathlon, running, cycling), hiking into the backcountry to capture inspiring mountain scenes or traveling to bring faraway places closer to home.

I am still voraciously learning the details of the craft; and, in addition to photographer, I have played and continue to play many other roles in life—including athlete, coach, scholar and professor. These roles all share another element in common: writing. In addition to teaching writing as an English professor, my own publications run the gamut from academic articles and books to sports reporting to articles and books for runners and triathletes. I am also the online editor for the Colorado Triathlete magazine, and have been a contributing writer to the TrainingPeaks blog and USA Triathlon website. 

Purchasing Image Licenses

Please don’t steal my work. It’s bad karma.

You can obtain a royalty-free license that allows you to legally use many of my photos for editorial purposes (reprints in books, magazines, newspapers, news websites, blogs) via Shutterstock.

If you are interested in high-quality prints of any of my work (photographic prints, fine art prints, canvas gallery wraps, canvas thinwraps), please contact me to purchase.

Thank you for respecting my investment of time, energy and resources required to create these images!


Email me at contact@adamhodges.com and connect with me on Instagram or Behance.